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Our mini-album, simply entitled ‘Tyn Daga’, features 5 tracks arranged and produced by us and transports you from the light-ship off the Cornish coast, through an imaginative celebration of the magic of nature, and across to the boarder of Bulgaria and Macedonia, before returning you to rugged Cornish and Galician shores – with a quick stop off in Madagascar!

tyn daga album cover

Lovingly recorded and mastered by our very own Alan Burton, it’s available as a CD at any Tyn Daga, and can also be previewed and purchased from A great way to get an impression of our sound ahead of booking a band for your wedding, private party or special occassion. Individual tracks can be purchased for $0.99 and the full mini-album is $4.99.

Watch these CD preview videos…

Hear this beautifully recorded collection of home-grown tunes and songs, as well as traditional world music tracks, all arranged and performed by Tyn Daga’s members; Alan Burton, Gavin Nicol and Greg Dyer, joined by our guest accordion player Kim Burton.

1. Seven Stones (Burton)
2. Icicles Melt (Nicol)
3. Sandansko Horo (Trad. Bulgarian)
4. Ramanjanareo/Tongo Teto Lala (Trad. Malagasy)
5. Lofty Heights/As Covas do Rei Cintolo (Burton & Nicol/Trad. Galician)

Alan Burton – Uilleann pipes, whistles & vocals,
Greg Dyer – percussion & vocals,
Gavin Nicol – guitars & vocals (additional percussion on track 4 & 5),
Special guest Kim Burton – accordion on track 1 & 3.

Audio clips
Here’s a selection of short audio clips from recent live gigs ranging from sets of tunes with varying time signatures and styles from around the world – to lyrical songs, all using a variety of instruments.

Tyn Daga world music performance

4 clips to give you a taste of the wide variety of music we perform. Duration 2:46.

Excerpt from ‘Sandansko’ – a mighty tune from Macedonia in a traditional 22/16 time signature, with Kim Burton on Accordion. Duration 1:17.

Excerpt from an original song ‘Icicles Melt’ – by Gavin Nicol. Duration 1:18.

Excerpt from an original tune ‘The Seven Stones’ – by Alan Burton. Duration 1:16.

And a live recording from a while back, of a set we really enjoy playing…

Excerpt from our ‘Superfly set’ – 3 tunes. Duration 3:16.

Like what you’re hearing? Get full length, mastered tracks – Tyn Daga’s mini-album is available for purchase here.


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